Our Story

The Vintage Cocktail Camper is owned by the husband and wife team of Scott and Lisa. Lisa has been involved in the restaurant business in her hometown of Huntington for the past fifteen years in the various roles of manager, party planner, and bartender; with the main focus on event planning. She met her amazing husband Scott during her time as manager, and has been supported by him along with her family in fulfilling her dream of a new career that began with a simple idea proposed by her sister-in-law, who instantly knew this was a concept Lisa had to pursue. 

Once the seed was planted, Lisa knew the cocktail camper was something she passionately wanted to do to embark upon a new and exciting chapter in her life. She quit working in the restaurant and tended bar, catered parties, and worked locally for The Flower Petaler, assisting with wedding planning; ie: flower arrangements, set up, etc., further adding to her already impressive event planning resume. 

The next step in Lisa and Scott’s journey was to secure a vintage camper. Their vision came to life with the assistance of a fabulous camper restoration expert. He found the perfect camper, and was able to convert it into a traveling cocktail bar utilizing his expertise and Lisa’s design input. Scott’s carpentry skills are showcased in the wooden bar and cocktail tables and several of the vintage lawn games.

The Vintage Cocktail Camper affords the host an opportunity to provide a unique experience for their guests; a truly memorable occasion!